Betreft: [PROXYPER] Proxy setup

Peter Cordes peter at
Thu May 24 05:52:02 EDT 2001

On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 02:19:13PM +0200, Gerald Ebberink wrote:
> Try an other port than port 23 which is normally not used (and if
> it IS's only to logon your home pc which is something you probably
> don't want at all)

 Oh, yeah, nobody logs onto their machine at home.  Right.  If you run an
ssh server, you can use it to grab files from home instead of messing with
annoying floppy disks.  I check my email when I'm at work using ssh, since
all my accounts are forwarded to my home computer.  Of course, using telnet
would be a really bad idea, but the port might well be open.  You would be
sending your password in clear text over the network if you used telnet.

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