Betreft: [PROXYPER] Proxy setup

John Kono jkono at
Thu May 24 05:36:29 EDT 2001

Gerald Ebberink wrote:
> Try an other port than port 23 which is normally not used (and if it
> IS's only to logon your home pc which is something you probably
> don't want at all)

Um, port 23 is reserved for telnet and is generally one of the ports a
firewall will block or impose access restrictions on, given that they
are paranoid enough to be blocking the high-numbered ports for out-going
traffic.  Also, since the system is running Linux, the telnetd process
will be listening there (unless it's turned off) and proxyper won't be
able to grab it.  Besides, you really wouldn't want to suggest that
proxyper be run as a privileged process, would you?  :)
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