[PROXYPER] Networked Proxy Question

Michael K. Høyer mkh at net.dialog.dk
Mon May 28 00:49:49 EDT 2001

> This is a theoritical question as I have not put it to the test yet.
> I am going to have a 98 machine connected to a dial up internet
> connection.  Another machine running Win 2000 will have the proxy running
> as this is the only way I can have the proxy running as a service
> properly.
> Now for the question.
> Will the proxy detect the Internet connection when I connect on the 98
> machine.  I am running Winroute Professional to let my 2000 machine
> connect to the network.  I am not running the Winroute Proxy but I am
> using NAT.
If winroute have some kind of client on your win2k machine, then maybe.
If it doesnt, then proxyper on your win2k will not see that your win98

Is there a (good) reason why you dont set the internet connection up on the
win2k machine,
and just use "Internet Connection Sharing" on the win2k machine ?
(ICS is a NAT thingie that comes with win2k)

> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> R.Booysen
> Team - Cow Killers

 Michael Høyer       []Fallen
 mkh at net.dialog.dk
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