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Tue Dec 3 13:36:08 EST 2002

I have a Windows client (version v2.9001-477-GTR--0111118) pulling OGR 
blocks from my Linux proxy (build 319). It would not pull RC5-72 packets 
(no surprise there). I tried the latest Linux client 
(v2.9001-478-CTR-02112023) and it refused to pull any type of work from 
the proxy.



Eugene Mah <eugenem at ix.netcom.com>
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on a similar note, are there any plans for a new Solaris perproxy?
The latest Solaris perproxy is still 313, which doesn't work with the
new clients.


At 09:21 03-12-02 -0500, Andrew MacKenzie wrote:
>Well, new RC5-72 clients are out before the perproxies.  Will the old
>perproxy be okay?  Will the prerelease work okay?  Or should I just be
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