[PROXYPER] Proxyper accepting duplicate blocks.

Paul V. Piescik piescikp at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 13 10:36:48 EST 2002

It has the capability of dupe-checking, which is also done on the

>From manual.html:

The proxy now does limited timespan dupechecking, to reduce the network-load
of upstream servers a little bit. It works as follows:

A block is submitted, first it is looked up in the dupe-history queue. If it
is found there, it's a triple dupe. Just increment the dupe-number (so it
says: "block xx, 3 dupes" in the logs)

If it's not found in the dupe-history, look it up in the "block-history"
(explained later). If so, it a double dupe, log it as "block xx, 2 dupes".
Remove it from the block-history-queue en put it in the dupe-history-queue.

If it's not found in the block-history, it's not a dupe. Add it to the
"block-history", so we can compare subsequent blocks to it.

This dupechecking can be turned off with a ini-option: Set
[rc572]/checkduplicates or [desII]/checkduplicates] to 0 (zero) and this
mechanism will be disabled. Note that this is not useful at all, since the
fullproxies (or the keymaster) will filter them out eventually anyway!

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Hi all!

I've just noticed that proxyper accepts the same block resent many
times. (One of my team members wanted to cheat with the stats).

I don't know if these blocks are actually relayed to the keyservers, but
they appear in the logs (Witch fools ppstats).

Is this an intended behaviour or should i submit it as a bug?

Personal Proxy (build 332)
Linux 2.4.7

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