[PROXYPER] Need Big pprc5in

david townsend cloacasoft at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 15 15:28:36 EST 2002

if i'm understanding correctly, you should use expert mode (set
expertmode=1 in proxyper.ini).  Set maxkeysready=<however many keys you
want buffered>, then move your gigantic bufferfile over to the proxy
machine (these settings are made on the net-connected machine, of
course).  Set options separately for each contest.


If I'm not understanding correctly, then sorry.

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Since few days, I've tried to switch on somes of my clients, but I've
got a problem to give them enought buffer-in. Cause my Network is not
connected to the Internet, I have to load pprc5in.rc5 by an other
machine, and so I couldn't get easyly a big file of pprc5in.rc5, do you
understand my problem ? have you got the same, and more other have you
got a solution for me ? an easy one please, I don't to spend my time on
chainer proxys !!!
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