[PROXYPER] proxies down or what?

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Tue Mar 12 15:09:26 EST 2002

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| It is my experience that when dealing with round-robin, once 
| a program (at 
| least dnetc & proxyper & internet explorer) has received an 
| IP address from 
| the dns server it will keep on using that same ip for as long 
| that it is 
| running, even when dealing with roundrobin addresses.

I believe the behavior is dependent on the OS and the DNS client
caching implementation.  My Win32 perproxy selects different servers
on each attempt, and my dnetc's do the same.

Some log snippets from my laptop, with no reboot intervening:

[Feb 22 18:37:05 UTC] The keyserver says: "United Devices likes cows"
[Feb 24 00:05:39 UTC] The keyserver says: "Got Cow?
                      http://www.distributed.net/dnetware/ (bang)"
[Feb 24 15:06:09 UTC] The keyserver says: "United Devices likes cows"

Some OS's will expire their cache quickly.  Others will use the cache
forever.  (Hmm, maybe if you updated less often, the cache would
expire and it would pick another via round-robin?)

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