[PROXYPER] proxies down or what?

Roman Trunov proxyma at tula.net
Tue Mar 12 22:08:21 EST 2002

waldo kitty wrote:

> CTRL-C should cause that restart, shouldn't it? it causes everything
> else to act as if it were starting for the first time...

No. You need to restart the program itself.

If you want techical details - OS/2 caches all DNS lookups. When proxy 
looking for specific address for a first time, OS/2 remebers the answer. 
On the next lookups, the same remebmered value will be returned and no 
actual lookup will be made. But proxy uses only first address of 
returned list, and it always will be same.


>>(At least) OS/2 proxy cannot use round-robin DNS. I think it's just a
>>bad coding of proxy. When program asks, OS/2 will return full list of IP
>>addresses, but proxy will use only first one. You have to restart proxy
>>to use another IP :-(

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