[PROXYPER] Multiplie keyservers

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Tue May 7 10:21:07 EDT 2002

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The round-robins are the preferred way of selecting a fullproxy.  We
try to keep the DNS round-robin up to date at all times, removing
servers when they are down for maintenance, and adding new ones as
they become available.
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| Hi all,
| with all the network trouble a couple of weeks ago we've now 
| lost our team proxy last week - when I was on vacation. :-(
| Is there _any_ way to set up multiple upstream keyservers in 
| the proxy? I'd like to use one by default and another as 
| backup (just like in the client config).
| I'm not too fond of messing with scheduled batch scripts that 
| rename several different inis (so that for a specific 
| interval the backup server is used).
| Thanks
| Nils
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