[PROXYPER] OGR not uploading...

rc5 rc5 at standard8.co.uk
Tue Oct 1 21:04:25 EDT 2002

When RC5 shut down, I switched over to OGR. All was fine initially, until
I wanted to upload some blocks and download some new ones.

The problem was that my proxyper was connecting to the servers, and
attempting to upload, but receiving nothing back! (i tried this many times
over three days)

What I realised eventually is that unless there is an rc5 block completed
in the upload, the keyservers don't accept any ogr uploads or requests.
It's been proven twice now with my proxyper.

It's a bit more than just a coincedence I think. I'm using build 319 of
the proxy.

I've opened a bug so that it's logged and I've added my log files to it.

It's number is: 2855.


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