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stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com
Thu Oct 3 11:19:32 EDT 2002

>>On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 10:49:22AM +0200, stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com
>> But there is simply no AIX version of the personal proxy :(
>> I had managed to conquer a small win box, but it died on me, so now I'm
>> proxyless...and basicly not able to participate with these systems...
>> I only have my win2000 laptop left as I'm not updating
>> (firewall/proxy)passwords individually on all the other systems when it
>> expires every x weeks...

>What's the deal with installing a small Linux distribution on some box
>(e.g. the one which died on you) and using it as a proxy?

Cause this is at work.
I only have sufficient access to RS6000's running AIX and AS400's running
OS400 (and my laptop on Win2000 but DHCP-ed)
Linux is NOT a corperate standard so I'm not allowed to bring it in the
company and I still would need a system to put it on.
I have a feeling that my business case for
-a new system
-running linux,
- needing a new fixed IP address
- in DNS ( preferably)
- just to run a personal proxy ( no interference with prod apps)
would have a hard time being approved.

I run the client on some test systems under my control( and for which I'm
responsibel), I'm not in  a crusade of convincing a big (trust me)
corporation on installing Dnet client on all systems and providing for
I still look at this as a deploy and forget thing, maybe an occasional look
( eg install a proxy when the previous one dies) but I'm not willing to
spend too much time in it...( but I'd be willing to help port the proxy to

I'd ask if someone tried the ppc-linux version on AIX5L( I could upgrade a
small AIX4.3.3 system) , but there does not seem to be one either...



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