[PROXYPER] NT personal proxy is not sending as a service

Anuerin G. Diaz adiaz at msi.net.ph
Tue Oct 8 11:41:05 EDT 2002

hi list,

  once upon a time i wrote that running a personal proxy on a NT as an
application would result to it hanging sometimes and requiring the user
to press a key (usually the enter key) multiple times for it to resume
servicing the connecting clients, which by that time has already timed
out on their connection.

  and now i installed the perproxy as a service and that didnt happen
anymore. problem is that it cannot send to the keyservers all those
finished OGR stubs. reading the log file (which i redirected to
winnt\temp) shows the error message that the connection was refused.
uninstalling the service and running it on the foreground will let it
upload and download stubs. anybody know why my nt personal proxy cant
connect to the keyservers when it is run as a service?



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