[PROXYPER] proxy questions regarding connections and buffering

Anuerin G. Diaz adiaz at msi.net.ph
Wed Sep 4 14:03:38 EDT 2002


I know i have asked this before but maybe somebody has an answer now. I
am running the personal proxy on a win2k workstation(updating to the
internet says im running version 324). there are times when the pproxy
stops responding to connection initiated by clients (i currently have 4
clients connecting to the proxy). i have to put the focus on the command
window running the proxy and press enter a couple of times before it
resumes processing the client's connection requests. the problem is if i
forgot to check it regularly. then it will process the pending
connection but since the clients have already timed out and closed the

I also have tried running a pproxy on a RH7.2 server. The problem is
that the crunched blocks were removed from the connecting clients but
isnt added on the ready blocks on the pproxy server. listing the
processes on the linux server shows a lot of pproxy processes with the
state set to ? (neither running nor suspended and i presume its already
a zombie). i cant make the linux pproxy add the blocks to its ready
block but it does allocates uncrunched blocks to the connecting clients
rather successfully.

Last question, i have already added the 'expert=1' in the rc5 section
but the limit stays at 1000 blocks. i only have connection during lunch
hour and 1000 blocks is to little as i run out of rc5 blocks at around 7
in the morning. im right now concentrating on rc5 blocks but there is no
wasted time since i still have some OGR blocks in case rc5 runs out.

thanks for reading.... any suggestions/hints would be greatly



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