[PROXYPER] how to disable logs

Jason Hartzell jhartzell at arcataassoc.com
Mon Sep 23 16:06:59 EDT 2002

You are running the Personal Proxy on Windows 2000 or Windows NT?

I believe you should edit the proxyper.ini file, and make the following

Under the [console] heading, there is an entry that says
logfileconsole=consolelog. Whatever it equals, is the name of the file being
generated. Just delete everything after the = sign. You actually have to put
something there, otherwise there is no console log file generated.

For the specific projects there is an entry under their header such as: 


For those first two entries, delete everything after the = sign. (Notice
that the text entered in the first line is the filename created for your
project log).

Then Restart your personal proxy. If you don't restart it, then nothing

Now of course it is up to you to do what you want, I can understand wanting
to kill the console logs, they are HUGE. But the project log files are
pretty small, and I think you would be better served to rotate them weekly,
and archive them (ZIP). But like I said, it's your stuff. Do what you want.

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