[PROXYPER] OGR not uploading...

Knut Pfefferkorn Knut.Pfefferkorn at KeyWarrior.net
Mon Sep 30 14:24:53 EDT 2002

On 28 Sep 2002 at 15:48, Jeff Lawson wrote:

> We've just been able to apply a workaround patch to the public
> fullservers to handle the buggy client verisons specially, and so we've
> again disabled RC5-64 as of last night.  When one of the buggy client
> versions connects to one of the fullservers, it is falsely told that RC5
> is still open and is instead sent a false block to keep it busy.  

what about the personal proxys?
I have connectings from an older client to our teams proxy, but cannot 
reach this person at the moment. (he is on vacation)


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