[PROXYPER] Multiple Proxies as service on windows based systems

Chris Jones fiddles at distributed.net
Fri Dec 5 01:35:09 EST 2003

Can I briefly ask why you would want to run multiple proxies on the same box. Surely
one would be sufficient?

On 05-Dec-2003, Floppus wrote:
> Hi,
> As shown in the attached picture, I have managed to manually register more than one proxy as a service.
> All proxies are fully functional, and can be started via the service manager.
> The only problem that I can't figure out is: I cannot start 2 proxies as service simultaneously.
> I can start one, or another, but never both.
> When attempting to start a second proxy, service control manager replies that the service had been started, but terminated (which is normal if the application shuts itself down after execution).
> Things I have eliminated sofar:
> - proxies are in different folders
> - proxy .exe's (proxyper.exe) have different names
> - the name for the Service is different
> - dependencies are correct (any of the services will start, just not 2 of them at the same time)
> - No LOG entry is written whatsoever
> - Ports on which the proxies listen are different
> - IP to flush from is different
> - IP to flush to is different
> I used a small VB-thingie to register the service:
> Private Declare Function CreateService _
> Lib "ADVAPI32.DLL" Alias "CreateServiceA" _
> (ByVal hSCManager As Long, ByVal lpServiceName As String, _
> ByVal lpDisplayName As String, ByVal dwDesiredAccess As Long, _
> ByVal dwServiceType As Long, ByVal dwStartType As Long, _
> ByVal dwErrorControl As Long, ByVal lpBinaryPathName As String, _
> ByVal lpLoadOrderGroup As String, ByVal lpdwTagId As String, _
> ByVal lpDependencies As String, ByVal lp As String, _
> ByVal lpPassword As String) As Long
> Thanks in advance!

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