[PROXYPER] proxyper losing keys when restarted

jcb le_merle at afterlight.org
Thu Feb 27 08:00:14 EST 2003

No -- I forgot to mention, this is the Linux version of the proxy.  I'm 
shutting it down by sending it a TERM signal (by using kill -15, to be 
precise), which according to the documentation is one of the correct ways 
to shut the proxy down.

On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, Jeroen Gronloh wrote:
> I guess you are using a windows version of the proxy.
> The loss of workunits can occur when the proxy isn't shutdown properly, 
> because of this the workunits in the memory are lost. Closing the proxy by 
> clicking the X in rightupper corner is the wrong way.

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