[PROXYPER] SGI - Irix proxyper

gentryj at gci.net gentryj at gci.net
Fri Mar 21 07:28:49 EST 2003


Does anyone know what it would take to update the proxyper for Irix?  I have 
permission to use a couple of IBM supercomputers for RC5.  The only problem is 
that these supercomputers have no outside internet access.  The only systems 
they can reach that I have access to are SGI's running Irix.

I don't know the first thing about the proxyper's or what exactly would need to 
be changed to get this one updated for RC5-72.  Is this a difficult task?  Who 
do I ask about it?  If someone knows this is already being updated, do you have 
any idea when it'll be released?

I can start using these supercomputers Monday of next week (03/24).  If the 
proxyper update is a matter of changing a few variables in the source code, I 
can probably help.  My programming skillz are pretty rusty at this point, so if 
it's too in depth, it'll be over my head.

Thanks in advance for any help/info.

James / Warbird
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