[PROXYPER] Make client to connect with proxy

Elektron elektin at yahoo.ca
Sun Mar 21 03:48:50 EST 2004

On 22 Mar, 2004, at 16:37, Alucard HELLSING wrote:

> Hi, first, I have to warn you about my french nationality, so I'm 
> kinda rubbish when I speak english. (u can warn me about my english 
> mistakes if u want, cause i'd like to progress)

Using proper words always helps.

> Now, my problem :
> I have the latest versions of dnetc and proxyper which runs as 
> service, but when I flush the client, even if I'm off-line, client 
> only tries to connect to keyserver o_0.

You must configure the client to use the pproxy. From the main 
configuration screen, it should be something like

2) Buffer and Buffer Update Options
6) Keyserver<->client connectivity options
2) Automatically select a distributed.net keyserver? ==> yes
(set it to no)
3) Keyserver host name(s) ==>
(set this to
4) Keyserver port ==>
(set it to 2064 or leave it blank, as 2064 is the default)

and hit zero a few times to get out.

Alternatively, set them to use the same buffer files, unless you want 
to buffer more than 500 packets.

I am unsure of any other advantages of using a pproxy.

- Purr

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