Fredrik Elversson Fredrik.Elversson at lalmek.se
Thu Feb 8 01:04:06 EST 2007

Could you please keep this kind of "diskussion" away from this list, please.
// Fred


Från: proxyper-bounces at lists.distributed.net [mailto:proxyper-bounces at lists.distributed.net] För Paul Luke
Skickat: den 7 februari 2007 22:16
Till: Personal Proxy Discussion
Ämne: Re: [PROXYPER] hi

Hey, im paul, and im from the usa, but im not sure who you are either.

Amber Opdyke <opdykeamber at yahoo.com> wrote: 

	who are you? i dont know you. im from the usa tho
	Kayleigh Mc Donald <kayleighmcdnld at hotmail.co.uk> wrote: 

		hiya!! wat u up 2? wer u from n wat age r u wb xx


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