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come on, kids... this is a technical support mailing list for the distributed.net personal proxy... this is *not* a 
chit-chat list... anything addressed to "proxyper at lists.distributed.net" will be sent to hundreds of people who are 
expecting technical discussions... please take your chit-chat off-list (ie: don't just hit reply... look at the address 
you are replying to... if it is the proxyper one, DON'T do it)...


Leah Moss wrote:
> nothin much im from detroit im 14 and u
> */Kayleigh Mc Donald <kayleighmcdnld at hotmail.co.uk>/* wrote:
>     hiya!! wat u up 2? wer u from n wat age r u wb xx
>      >From: Amber Opdyke
>      >Reply-To: Personal Proxy Discussion
>      >To: proxyper at lists.distributed.net
>      >Subject: [PROXYPER] hi
>      >Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 11:16:28 -0800 (PST)
>      >
>      >i guess im suppose to send my email so its opdykeamber at yahoo.com

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