[PROXYPER] bug in OS/2 perproxy build 374?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Mon Feb 16 20:35:57 EST 2009

i've not seen any traffic in this list in a long time so i hope this actually 
makes it "out there"...

i've just installed the perproxy build 347 on my os2 (warp3) box and used the 
ini file from my previous version (343)... after some time of fiddling about 
wondering why build 347 was not running, i ran it from the command line and was 
it complain about a missing [ogrp2] section in the ini file...

now, some 15 minutes before i installed the 347 build, i did edit the ini file 
and removed all of the closed contest sections but i do not specifically recall 
removing a ogrp2 section... to the best of my knowledge, previous versions of 
the perproxy created the necessary ini file sections if they did not exist and 
filled them with default values... version 347 apparently did/does not do 
this... at least not with the ogrp2 section...

i manually created a [ogrp2] section with the same settings as my [ogrnp] 
section and the perproxy started up normally...

is it a bug or is something else farkled?


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