[PROXYPER] bug in OS/2 perproxy build 374?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Tue Feb 17 12:00:11 EST 2009

Roman Trunov wrote:
> waldo kitty wrote:
>> i've just installed the perproxy build 347 on my os2 (warp3) box and 
>> used the ini file from my previous version (343)... after some time of 
>> fiddling about wondering why build 347 was not running, i ran it from 
>> the command line and was it complain about a missing [ogrp2] section 
>> in the ini file...
> in current state .ini file must have at least three sections: [ogrp2], 
> [ogrng] and [rc5-72]. proxy will not run if even one of them is missing.

i wasn't aware of that...

> theoretically, it's possible to remove few lines of source code for 
> closed [ogrp2] contest but it's rather useless because code for ogr-ng 
> and -p2 is shared almost completely.

i can easily understand that... i guess the confusing part was that the missing 
section was not created as other sections have been done in past versions... i 
mean, i've never had to create any sections in all the years that i've been 
running a perproxy... i've edited the ones that were created but i've never had 
to create them...

>> now, some 15 minutes before i installed the 347 build, i did edit the 
>> ini file and removed all of the closed contest sections but i do not 
>> specifically recall removing a ogrp2 section... to the best of my 
>> knowledge, previous versions of the perproxy created the necessary ini 
>> file sections if they did not exist and filled them with default 
>> values... version 347 apparently did/does not do this... at least not 
>> with the ogrp2 section...
> i'm sure you've unintentionally removed the section yourself. perproxy 
> not created missed .ini sections automatically and refused to start in 
> such cases for quite a few years.

actually, i did intentionally remove all sections that were listed as 
contestclosed=1 to clean up the ini file of all the old unnecessary sections 
before loading the new 347 build of the perproxy...

i don't understand your last statement "not created missed .ini sections 
automatically and refused to start"??

thanks for your response!


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