Jeff Lawson bovine at distributed.net
Tue Feb 24 16:40:59 EST 2009

OGR-27 was just started today and the minimum client version required is
v2.9103.509; the minimum proxyper version is build 347.

If an older client version attempts to connect to a server that supports and
has OGR-27 work, then that client will be told OGRNG is closed to prevent it
from processing invalid work.

It was originally hoped that the earlier clients that added OGRNG support
(such as 507/508) would be able to do OGR-27, but a client bug affecting
only odd-ordered OGR projects was discovered and corrected for build 509.  A
workaround was added in build 347 of the proxy, to send project closure
signals to older clients to prevent them from getting OGR-27 work.

It's possible to manually copy OGR-27 blocks to unsupported clients and
force them to work on it, but those results will be automatically discarded
by our servers.

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waldo kitty wrote:

ahhh... sussed it out... the 507 and 508 clients, for whatever reason, were 
being told that the ogrng contest was closed... why i don't know but they
handling them just fine the other day before my last round of no ogrng
from the keyservers... i've just updated my clients to the latest 509
and they are happily chewing up the ogrng packets i have available...

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