[RC5] It will not work [was : Linux ...]

Tomasz Glowacki tglow at box43.gnet.pl
Fri Jan 6 10:37:06 EST 1978

Hi !

So , I tried *EVERY* method you have showed me . It is not working. 
I think that my P200PRo Linux will not work with rc5 :(((((

I tried nohup method and it gives me no output , but after some time I back
log again , I recovered screen (screen -r) and i see something like that :
[1] +xxxx (any number) Done.      nohup sh -c "(./rc5des < /dev/null >
/dev/null 2>1&)" & or something. 

Even without nohup it gives same output to the screen . 

For all the time i left client working only 20%-40% of the block is done. 

Why it cant do anything ?????? On other Linux Box (P133) it WORKS EVERY TIME
EVEN NOW IS WORKING on screen without any nohup , /dev/null , & stuff. It just

Pleeease help !!!! 


P.S : If someone wants to look what kind of system it is and why it is not
working , i have an account that someone may check. For login , password and
server name - contact me on private mail. 

       TomeQ^bROkEn^AVD (Tomasz Glowacki) 
         glowacka at bobas.czd.waw.pl 
            tglow at friko.onet.pl 

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