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estaga at ilink.nis.za estaga at ilink.nis.za
Wed Jun 8 22:47:27 EDT 1994

Hello, I've just downloaded your personal proxy server (Linux) and tested it
a bit. I've got an dialup connection (ppp) to the net and so I thought
that a personal proxy would do the thing. Well, it works just wonderfull
but I take my personal hdd to work so I need to turn off my pc. Isnt there
some way of letting the proxy server shutdown and SAVE all the keys it got
from your proxy server, and then when I run the proxy server again, it'll
first check the keys which it already got from your server on my hdd and
if it dosn't exist, it gets it from yours again? I hope you understand what
I mean (:

Any help would greatly be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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