[rc5] WIN32GUI

Austin T. austhomp at iastate.edu
Fri Aug 1 22:07:47 EDT 1997

First I want to say that, in general, I like the new GUI client.  I have a
few questions though...  It seems that upon flushing, my output buffer
never gets deleted.  What is left in there?  The non GUI version deleted
them when fully flushed.  Also, how can I get back to the interface window
once I've started to crack, that is without stopping the cracking...  I
want to flush without stopping the cracking.  Can I use commandlines to the
GUI while the GUI is running too?  If not, can I use the non GUI to flush
Again, it is a nice improvement, 180Kk/s to 197Kk/s  


Austin Thompson     <austhomp at iastate.edu>  \
http://www.public.iastate.edu/~austhomp/    /
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