[rc5] WIN32GUI

Mike Silbersack silby at execpc.com
Sat Aug 2 09:51:06 EDT 1997

> Am I the only one taking a hit with GUI?
> The command line benchmarks at around 271k keys/sec and the GUI comes in
> around 257k keys/sec..  :^(  
> - Cyrix pr200, Win95 OSR2, gobs of ram, nothing else running (I love
> Wintop...)

I believe this release is optimized for 486/Pentium *only*.  However, I
believe that 2.003 will have a specific cyrix version, in which case you
will see a speed jump.  So, for now, you should probably run the text

> Not sure I understand though, isn't there -less- overhead with the
> application running in the GUI, rather than setting aside the resources
> a DOS window?

I doubt that makes much of a difference; the display is only updated every
once in a long while.

> just curious
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