[rc5] What will happend

Costin RAIU craiu at usa.net
Sat Aug 2 21:54:13 EDT 1997

Irwan Hadi wrote:
> What will happen if the EXACT key find ? is the program (rc5v2.exe) will
> tell us "beeepppp YOU LUCKY", or we'll know if we HAVE find the EXACT key
> after we send it to the proxy server, or anything ???
> ----
I think that displaying some sort of "YOU ARE THE WINNER" message is not
a very good idea. For example, if my clients says "You found da Key HERE
it is: 87A341AB679810"
I will simply put the key in a email to rsa.com and win myself the
$10000 prize.
That's why I think there's no Contratulations!" message in the client.

PS: Anyone could check 87A341AB679810 ? Maybe... :)


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