Hidden Mac client? was Re: [rc5] New Win32 client

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Sat Aug 2 14:02:13 EDT 1997

On Sat, 2 Aug 1997, Rebecca and Rowland wrote:
> >> Are there any plans for a hidden Mac client?  Sorry if this isn't possible,
> >> I'm not much of a Mac person.
> >I second the motion.   Iknow it's possible, just don't have any clue how to
> >do it.
> Hmm - what would be the advantage?  You can hide the client using the
> applications menu if you like - I don't see that having it running as a
> faceless application would help, though.

Just as with the windows client, one advantage is for running the client
in a lab setting.  You and I both know it only uses spare process time,
but the average lab user doesn't know that, and usually doesn't care--he
just wants it off his desktop.  The less visible the client and the less
intrusive from the lab user's perspective, the fewer complaints the lab
monitor has to field and the fewer opportunities the students have to kill
the process off.

(So yes, I also think it's a good idea. :)

                              -Steve Langasek

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