[rc5] What will happend

Costin RAIU craiu at usa.net
Sat Aug 2 22:38:16 EDT 1997

David Hubbard wrote:
> I asked that a while back.  I think the answer was that nothing happens.
> I believe the clients only know how to mark keys as possible winners and
> then the bovine proxy servers check them when they come back to confirm.
> If it ends up being the magic key, then the organizers get in contact with
> the email address that returned the key and if that doesn't work, they try
> to find the admin for the ip address of the machine that returned it.  Of
> course I could be totally wrong about that.
I think you are right. The client won't say anything interesting if the
key is found.

> Before I go, let me throw in my little "Where's the v2 personal proxy?"
> blurb!! :-)



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