[rc5] What will happen

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Sat Aug 2 15:14:11 EDT 1997

On Sat, 2 Aug 1997, Costin RAIU wrote:

> > And be in violation of the contract you have entered with bovine.
> Of course. But how do you prove it ? I can say that my own cracking
> program found the key without any help from you. Note that it is not
> in my intention to violate the license. I'm doing it just for fun and
> because I think it's very interesting. 

What, you think the Bovine coordinators haven't made sure that the client
tells THEM the moment it finds the key, too? :)  As a user, you should
probably be more worried about how to guarantee YOUR share of the money
should you win, and let the coordinators (who do, after all, have full
control over the source and can put in whatever features they feel are
needed to prevent double-crossing) fend for themselves. :)

                             -Steve Langasek

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