[rc5] What will happend

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Sat Aug 2 16:22:54 EDT 1997

G. Armour Van Horn wrote:
> At 13:07 02.08.1997, root wrote:
> >
> >And be in violation of the contract you have entered with bovine.
> Say what? Have some folks entered into a contract with bovine?

You did.
Does anyone read the README.TXT? Or did it just get packaged
with my linux client?

Cut and pasted from the README>TXT:

>Copyright distributed.net 1997 - All Rights Reserved
>For use in distributed.net projects only.
>Any other distribution or use of this program violates copyright.
>Use of this client or it variants implies agreement with
>the prize terms listed on http://rc5.distributed.net/
>See http://rc5.distributed.net/FAQ/rc5v2-help.html for more
>information and instructions on running this software.
>Note: the v1 personal proxies will not function with v2 clients.
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