[rc5] What will happend

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Sat Aug 2 16:35:34 EDT 1997

Costin RAIU wrote:
> root wrote:
> >
> > Costin RAIU wrote:
> >
> > Have you tried pointing it at
> > a known good test key?
> How ?
> > Try accessing port 3056 at your favorite key
> > proxy and see what happens. Sigh, I guess you would have to have looked
> > at the source to see this, so...all claims are based on v1 experience.
> Nothing that can be seen with bare eye. The program listenting on that
> socket
> waits for the user to input a line, and the disconnects. What's the
> tricky
> ideea behind it ?

I mean access it with your v1 key cracker. It will return a key
block that has a "known good" key. It is used to verify that your
newly optimized cracking code actually works. Perhaps this has
been discontinued with the release of the v2-secret code. I don't
know as I have not spent much time coding on this project since
the newer clients have come out.

I had thought that my part time efforts that got me a working
os2 dial-on-demand version working would be surpassed with the
v2 and v2 pproxy. Now I have too much work to do and have not
enjoyed the luxury of even booting my machine on os2 for a few
weeks. Too much web-server work is still waiting on linux...
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