[rc5] Cyberian Discussion

Kevyn Shortell kevyn at ricochet.net
Sat Aug 2 14:39:17 EDT 1997

>Hmm - if we were acting like kids, we'd've dropped out of this effort ages
>ago.  As it is, many of us who are complaining - in a rational fashion
>based on personal bad experiences with the Bovine `in' crowd - are doing so
>because we want this effort to succeed as fast as possible.
>It's seems pretty clear to me that the Bovine people don't understand how
>to respond to offers of help or constructive criticism.  They can, however,
>be goaded into action by the threat of competition and abuse.  In other
>words, this effort is run by over-grown kids, not mature adults.  What
>chance does the mailing list have?

Oh thats a mature response....

For one, when we get about 100 messages a day like yours Rowland, you
have two options, ignore them, and continue working, or spend half your
day repsonding to useless messages.... what would you rather have us

Personally, I ignore most of your messages, although, I have replied
to the ones that actually asked a question.

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