[rc5] Re: Distributed Programming

Arvin Meyer onsite at esinet.net
Sat Aug 2 20:11:14 EDT 1997

> by recruiting thousands of spare CPUs, Bovine can crunch numbers faster
> than NASA.

I agree with you Curtis, but I think I have to take exception to the above
statement, at least for now. Which is why I am concerned about *complete
privacy* on the internet and why I am concerned about privacy violations
in the thousands (if not tens of thousands) of commercial and government
database keeping track of our lives, down to the brand of  prophylactics
you use, or don't use.

Take a look at the Intel Paragon Alpha Red and Alpha Blue and ...
Supercomputers based on distributed computing. One Alpha Red I saw several
months ago on the internet had over 9000 Pentium Pro 200's packed into 85
cabinets covering 1600 square feet!

The current *published record* is 281 GFlops/sec.. On a machine capable of
1.8 TeraFlops. The government is funding efforts to 100 TeraFlops

I build databases, and I know what can happen if the wrong data is
entered. It is important for us to do this so that we may make everyone
aware of the dangers of the loss of privacy. We need strong encryption
with no government backdoors.

                   Arvin Meyer

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