[rc5] Identical results, two CPUs

Remi Guyomarch rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr
Sun Aug 3 02:49:52 EDT 1997

root wrote:

> I wonder if Remi's P optimized v1 client has folded the unrolled
> code back into a loop? Has anyone compared the performance of intel
> machines with loops and unrolled code in the RC6_KEY_CHECK function?
> > Do you happen to know if the client fits in a P200's L1 cache?

The code size of the cracking routine is around 5K, and it needs only a
few bytes of data.

But the inner cracking routine could be further shrinked, so that the
client perform better on heavly multitasked environments, with some
loose on raw performance. Perhaps an idea...

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