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Sun Aug 3 02:07:16 EDT 1997

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> Subject: Re: [rc5] Several Issues...
> Date: Saturday, August 02, 1997 11:25 PM (SNIP)
> Because quite frankly, the NSA doesn't *need* our help to do their
> cracking.  They're doing plenty of it already, much faster than we are,
> they just won't admit to it.  As wonderfully large (prohibitively so,
> opponents like to point out) as this effort seems, it's a drop in the
> bucket compared to the processor power that a corporation (or, say, the
> government) could put together.

You bet they don't need our help. You ought to see the notes to users at
Los Alamos, asking them not to use the Paragons to compile, rather to use
the SGI Crays and Sun's instead (and the list of those is at least 10). I
didn't hack my way in either, this is right on their webs. Scary as hell.

Read the intro from one of the *smaller* machines (only 1854 processors)
intro page at Sandia Labs:


Have fun!
Arvin Meyer
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