[rc5] Gods of heaven and earth and cows...

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Sun Aug 3 02:41:27 EDT 1997

>ate: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 12:06:42 -0400
>From: Cayce Will <cwill at deepnet.com>
>Subject: [rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #69
>How many people here have actually tried to write, compile, debug, make
>functional and then release code - but have it written distributed between
>umpteen people?  It is a nightmare to say the least.  Let the Bovine Core
>do their work as they see fit.

All hail the Gods!  The one true Bovine Gods who are verily perfect!  And
have no flaws!  And are indeed onmiscient!

Or maybe there an average bunch of jerks getting on with a job - the
indication seems to be that they ulterior motives for keeping a closed
shop, but they're not doing a very good job, so this might change.

However, with the v2.002 Mac client I can (at last) check on keys, so off i


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