[rc5] Several Issues...

Costin RAIU craiu at usa.net
Sun Aug 3 13:30:14 EDT 1997

Arvin Meyer wrote:
> You bet they don't need our help. You ought to see the notes to users at
> Los Alamos, asking them not to use the Paragons to compile, rather to use
Hm... What kind of operating system is run on Paragons ?
(also, is Paragon SIMD or MIMD ?)

> the SGI Crays and Sun's instead (and the list of those is at least 10). I
Probably Bovine's resources are under the speed of a T3E Cray machine.
I say probably, because Crays are not the most fortunate choices for
cyphers, since they are vectorial machines. On the other side, a 64k
seems ok with me. 

> didn't hack my way in either, this is right on their webs. Scary as hell.
> Read the intro from one of the *smaller* machines (only 1854 processors)
> intro page at Sandia Labs:
> http://www.cs.sandia.gov/mpcrl/iparagon/introduction.html
Impressive !
BTW: Is there any MasPar version of the client ? :)
(probably not, since MPPL has no sockets support)


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