[rc5] Several Issues...

Tom Wheeler tomw at intelligraphics.com
Sun Aug 3 11:33:57 EDT 1997

On Sat, 2 Aug 1997 23:08:01 -0400 (EDT), David Chow wrote:

>Hi Everyone -
>I am intrigued by this massively distributed project and commend all of you at
>Bovine for your hard work.  
>Since two days ago, when I first heard about this and began to donate my 
>free CPU time, I have some questions/issues to bring up...
>How can I know there aren't any backdoors to your compiled binaries?  What
>if NSA offered to secretly by this organization over?  And some ideas
>for future projects.

Bovine have decided to not release the V2 sources (V1 sources are
available).  If this is a critical issue, I suggest you turn to the
Cyberian effort, who are making their source available I understand.

The lack of source makes nearly all of questions moot.  We all either
have to trust the Bovine leaders or jump ship to Cyberian.

>people are banking on a few honest people.  I bet there are many out there
>who decline to donate CPU cycles because of the lack of concrete confidence
>in your binaries. (ie lack of source)


>On a lighter note - I was considering future methods of distributed projects.
>Maybe there could be a standard set of high level commands/code that could
>be dynamically sent to each client - thus various projects could be 
>accomplished with one client.  I would be willing give up my "night time"
>CPU cycles for a little monthly payment.  You could setup some system that

I've been considering such a scheme myself, but I haven't come up with
anything good that also ensures security of the client.  Yes, there's
Java, but until JIT compilers are predominant I don't think the
performance is there.

Tom Wheeler
tomw at intelligraphics.com

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