[rc5] Linux RC5 SMP processing...

Melczer, David DMelczer at WLRK.com
Sun Aug 3 13:00:52 EDT 1997

If there is enough interest, I am currently considering re-coding the
Linux x86 v1 client to take advantage of the SMP capabilities in the
newer Linux kernels (instead of running two processes).  However, I
would need someone who has a good working knowledge of SMP to help me
break up the code to take advantage of multiple processors.  This would
be my first foray into SMP, so it could be interesting.  The person
would have to, of course, be quite patient with me since I know C well,
but have never done SMP coding.

Anyone interested in a little side project should
email:	dmelczer at wlrk.com	and let me know.

Thanks in advance.

-David Melczer
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