[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #71

Barry Nathan barryn at pobox.com
Sun Aug 3 15:48:23 EDT 1997

Erik Farquhar <farquhar at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote:

>On Unix and OS/2 (and I presume Win32), it was quite simple to start up
>another command-line window and type rc5xxxx -flush and rc5xxxx -fetch
>(where xxxx stands for anything after rc5 in the file-name).  Did the Mac
>client somehow prevent this?  Would it have been possible to open up a
>second copy of the client and do a flush and fetch there?

The Mac v2.000 client didn't have anything equivalent to -flush and 
-fetch in the PC clients. The Mac v2.002 client has menu options that 
correspond to -flush and -fetch, but there's still nothing that 
corresponds to -update (-flush & -fetch in one command).

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