[rc5] What will happen

Robert D. Mosher dmosher at cyburban.com
Sun Aug 3 23:03:25 EDT 1997

Michael Burman wrote:
> From: SMEarp at aol.com <SMEarp at aol.com>
> >It waits until the effort has run throught the entire keyspace, then goes
> >back and checks the unreported keys.  This is so really slow machines that
> >take, say, 3 months to complete a block can still be part of the effort.
> 3 months. Uh. Lets say, with 1000Keys/sec 1 2^28 block is checked  littlebit
> over 3vrk. Where can you find machine, that runs client with so slow speed?
> It could crack only 30Keys/sec [uh, C64?-)].
> There's no use for that slow machine.
> ---
> The European RC5-56 Cracking effort:
> http://www.rc5.cyberian.org/

Just for laughs, I started running the Mac V2.002 on my SE/30.  It hums
along at a breathtaking 4 Kkeys/sec and has so far done almost 5
blocks.  It had nothing else to do.

Dale Mosher  Team Evangelist at apple.com
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