[rc5] An opinion on the core team (Was: continued complaints about clients)

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.net
Sun Aug 3 21:25:06 EDT 1997

At 09:58 04.08.1997, Guan Sin Ong wrote:
>I don't have any
>complaint to make, but I think the core team is in serious shortage of
>manpower. A lot of promised deadlines and solutions have been delayed
>and delayed. Newcomers may be put off by this easily, let alone other
>big players (me included) who may now not be bothered to ensure their
>many clients are running fine.

I'm not upset, but the 2.003 clients were supposed to be out a week ago,
according to the work-in-process page. I'm having a fair amount of
instability, and because several of the machines that are at work on the
task here are only running to crack RC5, and don't have monitors attached
to them, it's a PITA to two or three times a day plug a monitor into one
box after another.

And the parts of 2.003 that I'm eagerly waiting for are all marked as
"done" on the page. Specifically the 6x86 and K6 versions and the stability
of working with an HTTP proxy.

It may be optimistic on my part, but it looks like we can look forward to
putting the buffers on a single machine (combination of lock issues and
explicit directory placement) but I can wait until 2.004 for those nice

It isn't an issue of whether or not the developers are getting paid, but an
issue of creating expectations and not meeting them or communicating about


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