[rc5] Win95 and v2b2 niceness option - I like it.

Bryan MacBurney bryan_macburney at mindlink.bc.ca
Mon Aug 4 01:17:16 EDT 1997

I have no idea why, but v2b2's niceness option seems to be, well, "nicer"
than the Unix95 port of the Nice program.

I wrote before that my QuickLink MessageCenter wouldn't record voice
messages properly with the rc5 client running at anything other than idle
mode.  That was the first v2 build.  QL used 90% CPU just waiting for the
phone to ring.

With the v2b2 internal niceness option set to 2 (Normal rather than Idle
mode), QL now works fine and takes less toll on key checking productivity.

With this setting, Wintop reports CPU usage:

Win32-v2b2-GUI		QuickLink

	30%				70%		QL as active window
	55%				45%		QL not active window
	90%				10%		GUI as active window

	99%						QL not running

I was surprised to see how much of a difference having the GUI window up as
active made with CPU greedy apps like QL.  Leaving my machine in the 90/10%
configuration is pretty easy and yields quite acceptable results.

bryan_macburney at mindlink.bc.ca
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