[rc5] Re: Supercomputers & Bovine, Q&A

z zza at gte.net
Mon Aug 4 09:07:06 EDT 1997

>Do you have any ideea why's the PPC 604e client so fast ? (fast << && >>

>Costin RAIU, Data Security Expert

Yes, because the ppc uses a risc chip which is inherently faster that cisc
chips, and now that the ppc chips are just entering their maturity, their
speeds are now exceeding intel's by a significant margin, especially the
one's now being introduced this and next month, the ppc 750, when combined
with a back side level 2 cach, running on it's own board at faster than the
mother board shows that it is ~8X faster than a ppc 601. It is expected
that the intel technology (risc) will reach theoretical design limits
sooner as well, so the ppc chips may well lengthen their leads even more as
time goes on.


zza at gte.net

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