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Mon Aug 4 21:12:32 EDT 1997

At 08:07 AM 8/4/97 -1000, you wrote:
>Yes, because the ppc uses a risc chip which is inherently faster that cisc
>chips, and now that the ppc chips are just entering their maturity, their
>speeds are now exceeding intel's by a significant margin, especially the
>one's now being introduced this and next month, the ppc 750, when combined
>with a back side level 2 cach, running on it's own board at faster than the
>mother board shows that it is ~8X faster than a ppc 601. It is expected
>that the intel technology (risc) will reach theoretical design limits
>sooner as well, so the ppc chips may well lengthen their leads even more as
>time goes on.

True, RISC chips are faster than CISC, and therefore better, In most
respects.  However, to attack Apple's PPC's, the backward-compatibleness of
the PPC is rather poor.  Also, these chips would have a huge showing if
Apple started marketing and advertising better, so more non-Apple users
would convert.

IMHO, the Intel method makes things simpler (is that a word?), for example,
if I was going to give software to a friend (shareware or freeware, mind
you), I don't have to ask him any crap about if he has a PPC and
compatibility, and native code, etc...  Others may think differently, but
as I said, this is my opinion.  Any other opinions?

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