[rc5] continued complaints about clients

Francois Gouget fgouget at club-internet.fr
Tue Aug 5 03:00:47 EDT 1997

On Sun, 3 Aug 1997, Steve wrote:

> I'm really getting rather sick of the continued complaints about the
> clients from some people.  Yes there are some problems with them, but what 
> really irks me is that many people don't seem to realize THIS IS A VOLUNTEER
> EFFORT.  Everyone working on it has outside jobs, and is not getting paid
> for any of this.  It's all done in peoples spare time, and I know a lot
> of people have spent long nights working on this project.
[... conclusion is stop complaining, what has been done is great... ]

	You're right but "SHUT UP AND RUN THE CLIENT" is not a policy that
people can accept. And yet this is what you say because: 
 - the source is not available so people cannot come up and say "hey I
fixed this bug, great job".
 - since people cannot solve the problems all they can do is report the
bugs and this seems to be what you're complaining about. Yet this seems a
positive action to me. The bovine team cannot test the client so it is
nice that they can rely on people reporting bugs and not just drop the
project altogether.
 - so people report problems and all they get is messages like yours
which is not really rewarding for them having spent maybe many hours
trying to run the client in an unusual setting.
 - they also post messages because there seems to be no list of known
bugs. Such a list would certainly avoid many people posting about the same
bug and also reinsure them by showing that they are not the only one with
this problem. (the work in progress page is no replacement for this
especially when it states "... and many more not on this list... :)") 
 - If people sometime complain it's not because they think bovine owes
them something but because they want the project to make good progress
and feel that it's not going as well as it could or not going the right 
way at all. The cause for this may be manyfold:
    - maybe they had more problems than expected with the client
    - maybe they feel there are too many delays between the discovery of a
      problem and it's fixing
    - maybe they're waiting for a v2 proxy and can't wait anymore.
    - maybe there is just a problem of communication between the bovine
      team and the people running the clients.

Maybe some suggestions would be:
 - setting up a "known bugs" list
 - making more releases. From 2.000 to 2.002 it was ok. But we've been
waiting for 2.003 for too long. Many small fixes and modifications
based on the feedback from the users could have been released long ago.
it would surely have help many people (those that post now) even if not
all the bugs are solved.
 - it's difficult to determine whether a message is from the Bovine team
or just from a standard user (if it's not in the rc5-announce list). Maybe
the Bovine team members should add something like "The Bovine Team" at the
bottom of their messages when they post on the rc5 list.
 - the delays in the build 3 (2 weeks ?) and the v2 proxy (1 month ?) and
the stats (no quite ready yet) all show that the Bovine team is too small.
I think more volunters should be incorporated into the core team.

Francois Gouget
fgouget at club-internet.fr                http://www.mygale.org/~fgouget/

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