[rc5] Re: Supercomputers & Bovine, Q&A

Michael Burman michael at netsonic.fi
Tue Aug 5 06:50:06 EDT 1997

From: root <marcus at dfwmm.net>
>To put it simply, post your keyrates and we'll compare. Meanwhile a dual
>PPro200 will turn 960+Kkeys/sec and the two PPros will cost less than
>the single Alpha.

Speed depends, which client is used. For info, Cyberian people get
1100KKeys/sec with Dual-PPro200MHz.

>If you want to be specific, here's $3000. Show me the fastest system
>that that you can buy for that amount. I guarantee that you won't buy
>an Alpha based machine.

Tsiih, forget the money, it isn't important now. I would say, that Pentium
II beats that Alpha machine. At least 300MHz version [uh, 266MHz version
gets almost 800KKeys/sec].
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